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The surroundings of the Lednice city is ideal for cycling and it is also for this purpose frequently visited. It is connected to an extensive network of cycle routes. The bike is ideal for sightseeing, or the Lednice-Valtice Area (listed on the heritage list of UNESCO) is located on the desktop of almost 200 km2. The city of Lednice can be reached easily from the highway Brno-Breclav (Exit Podivin), as well as by train and bus from Breclav. We will provide all the usefull informatiom, respectively you can buy maps and cycle guides with us.

Local Routes - especially popular is the route in the direction towards south, from Lednice to Valtice over Hlohovec back. It is a less demanding path having length less than 20 km, leading beside a number of sights in the Lednice-Valtice Area. It is possible to modify and extend it differently towards Břeclav (Chateau Pohansko) or towards Mikulov (along the Moravia's largest lake Nesyt, the route over the Palava Hills etc.). To the popular and less demanding routes belongs the circuit from Lednice to the John's Casttle and the Obelisk.

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